Outdoor Solar LED Lights

Many people are under the impression that most outdoor solar lights are powered using regular light bulbs. The majority of them actually use LED – which are light emitting diodes. Outdoor solar LED lights is similar to that of the average light bulb – but is an electrical component that is reliable and can last close to 100,000 hours. Because outdoor solar LED lights are only used at night they have the chance of lasting up to 20 years.

The reason they are used in solar lights is because they do not require a large amount of power to be used. This is one of the best and most important reasons why consumers would choose outdoor solar LED lights because they will be able to stay on all night long for several hours at a time. If they were to use a conventional light bulb they would run out much faster. This means more money to have to spend in the long run.

You can purchase these special LED light bulbs for your outdoor solar light in a variety of colors. Obviously many of us will choose the standard white light in order to illuminate the walkway or specific plants that we love. However, there are ways in which we can inspire true art and give it a much better look by adding a bit more color during the night. A ood example of this is the ability to purchase a white LED light that has a slight blue tint to it.

Outdoor solar LED lights are generally smaller in size than conventional light bulbs and may be designed to be angle in just the right way. During the installation process the manufacturer will place the reflectors and prismatic lenses around the LED bulb. These components work simultaneously together to spread the light out evenly.

There are also a few outdoor solar LED lights in which the bulb is actually a number of LEDs that have been clumped together and placed in front of a reflector and also behind the special lens. This setup helps to increase the light output and is more often found in outdoor solar flood lights. Because of this wide range of light and the brightness of it most people will not use it for decorative purposes.